Blood Orange- You win some, you lose some


So, there are times when I actually follow the recipe.   This was one of those times… well, almost.

I enjoy making jam in the summer months when ingredients are fresh, local and plentiful.  Blood oranges are neither local nor plentiful here in the northeast. But, when I found a nice looking bunch at the local grocery store, I thought it would be an opportunity to warm the cold winter house with a huge pot of boiling water and have some delicious marmalade to show for my efforts.

I found a recipe in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving,  I usually follow jam recipes exactly, and for the most part I did.  An internet search turned up this recipe using some liquid pectin.  I had never used liquid pectin, but decided to try the Ball recipe… but with the addition of liquid pectin.  Makes sense to me. What could possibly go wrong?


Prepping these bad boys was no easy feat… they have thick mesocarp. It did not lend itself to peeling well and then the segments were tough and uneven.  After hours of prep I was ready to kick out the jam.



I have no idea what happened next, but when I pulled some from the fridge the next day it was more like blood orange syrup. (Yes, I did the cold plate test.)  The pieces of rind were large and the jam was runny.  The taste was good, but the result was less than perfect.  I just spend an entire day making this and it looks a mess!


Could I possibly do all of that work and have only this mess to show for it?  Do I risk doing even more work to try and make this better?

I went to the trusty Ball Blue Book.  I also like the instructions from the website.

I enlisted a little helper and set to work.


More pectin (using the no sugar needed powder- my go-to pectin)


My helper.



A watched pot does boil!


I am not sure if it was worth all of the work to fix it and now it has set a bit too thick, but I can stir in a little juice when I open the jar.  This is definitely one of the best tasting jams I have ever made.  Served over a triple cream brie or a nice goat cheese it will not last long.



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2 responses to “Blood Orange- You win some, you lose some

  1. Deb Sucec

    Loved the blood orange.. Not to sweet, just perfect. Loved the helper..


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